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Photographer in Vienna

If you are looking for a professional photographer in Vienna, the capital of Austria, you are definitely in the right place!

Very nice to meet I am Edy Fertel a professional photographer located in Vienna.

My clients include private, business and institutions.

My favorite areas of photography are portrait photography, architecture photography and street photography.

In addition to photography services, I also conduct street photography workshops, night photography workshops as well as street photography workshops in the most beautiful places in the city.


I live photography 24/7 365 days a year and this is my main area of ​​practice as well as the thing I like to do most in my free time

. Beyond what I mentioned above I want to name a few good reasons to convince you to choose me!

  • I use the best cameras and lenses in the world of photography.

  • Advanced lighting equipment.

  • I  edit the photos in my own style without sending the photos to an external editor.

  • I am a very sociable and patient person and I will do my best to ensure that you feel comfortable in front of the camera.

  • We will continue to shoot until you get a final result that will make you happy.

So why am I into photography?

All my life I worked as a freelancer and set up many businesses, in all of them I found one common camp that I did not really like.


I always waited for my work day to end already!

After many years I realized that the secret is in engaging in what you love in life.

The world of photography challenges me, makes me happy and I never want to stop :)

I always strive to learn something new and be with the camera in hand all day!

So as I wrote at the beginning of the article if you are looking for a professional photographer in Vienna you are in the right place!

What services do I provide as a photographer in Vienna?


In addition to being a professional photography services to private and business clients, I also conduct photography workshops in the city, such as:

Street photography workshop in Vienna

Night photography workshop in Vienna

Smartphone photography workshop in Vienna

Beyond the work itself I like to present Vienna through my lens, at the beginning of 2022 I set up a Facebook group that today in July 2022 has about 36,000 active members. Link to a group for who also wants to join ⬇️

Austria Through The Lens Facebook Group

As a professional photographer in Vienna, I got to work with clients from all over the world :)

If you don't speak English we can get by in other languages, I also speak Hebrew, Romanian, Hungarian as well as some Italian and Spanish.

Whether you want to photograph the house you have finished building or renovating, couple photos in the most beautiful places in the city or document your animal in Vienna I will be happy to offer you my services as a photographer in Vienna.

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