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Property Presentation Photography

Real Estate | Interiors | Architecture | Hotels

Photography & Videography

Budget Package

1 Bedroom Flat 

8 - 10 images

HDR + Flash lighting

Fully edited professional images

High-resolution images

Web-resolution images

Full usage rights license

48 hour delivery

Front House +20

Garden / Terrace +20

Extra rooms +20 each

Price: 199€


Gold Package

2-3 Bedroom Flat 

15 - 20 images

HDR + Flash lighting

Fully edited professional images

High-resolution images

Web-resolution images

Full usage rights license

48 hour delivery

Front House +15

Garden / Terrace +15

Extra rooms +15 each

Price: 250€

Luxury Package

4 Bedroom Flat or House (Up to 160sqm) 

20 - 25 images

HDR + Flash lighting

Fully edited professional images

High-resolution images

Web-resolution images

Full usage rights license

48 hour delivery

Front House Included

Garden / Terrace Included

Extra rooms +15 each

Price: 350€

Short Vertical Video

Full HD 1080P Video 

Royalty free music

Vertical layout

30 Seconds Long

Professionally edited 

Great for posting as a Facebook story, Instagram Story, Instagram Reel, YouTube Shorts and why not also on TikTok

There is a flat call-out fee of 150/appointment

Price: 125€

Premium Cinematic Video


Full HD 1080P Cinematic Video 

Royalty free music

2-3 Minutes Long

Carefully edited to get the maximum impact

Color Grading 

Horizontal layout

4K Optional for extra 100

(not needed in most projects)


Drone Footage Optional for extra 100

- Walk-through focusing on the best features and details

Price: 299€

Property Photography 


Working as a residential and real estate photographer in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Bucharest, Vienna and many other countries has provided me the opportunity to collaborate with a range of clients, from property developers to architects, estate agents, hotels and interior designers.

After working with a diverse clientele now i have a better understanding of each sectors needs and this hekps me to develop a service tailored to produce relevant high quality images for each project.

Working alongside clients to their brief, my residential photography service provides the opportunity to document all aspects of a property, whether it be a single home, apartment, or large scale residential development. The photography covers everything, from capturing the buildings exterior in its best light, through to accurately conveying the interior dimensions of the space, with a focus on furnishings, textures and design details.

It is important to remember that your potential buyer or tenant will likely be scrolling through numerous listings online and in reality will only spend a few seconds looking at the initial photograph. It is therefore essential that your property is shown in its best light and entices them to click through to the full details and then on to booking a viewing. By investing in professional property photography and digital floorplans, you will be massively boosting your chances of securing that all important lead!

  • I understand how important it is to receive high quality photos in a quick turnaround and i will do my best to deliver the final Images and videos ASAP.

  • Flexible hours, book a time that suits you!

Video Walkthrough

Why a Property Video Walkthrough is the best value for money when it comes down to virtual viewings?

Property Video Walkthrough is a basic tool for conducting virtual viewing with minimal cost.

The Video will tell the story of a property in a more dynamic way compared to photography and will show more of actual space just like walking around the property in real life. It will not replace the Photography that still is required for your listings to capture the attention at the first place but this is an add-on to Property Photography.

Video Walkthrough does not replace the property photographs but it builds a bridge between Photography and 3D virtual tours that are on the top in the property marketing.

Video Walkthrough is a hybrid, similar to the transport industry where Hybrid car is after the petrol and before the Electric car, the Walkthrough Video is a hybrid between the Property Photography and 3D Virtual Tours and achieves great results with minimal investment.

Property Photography has been a must have for many years now, with the Covid-19 remote viewings being demanded more and more. Video walkthrough is the way forward as Virtual Viewings is here to stay and now even advertised on the news by government and estate agents, they are saving time and energy for everyone.

  • HDR Property Photography

  • Hotel Photography

  • Office Photography

  • Local Business Photography

  • Architectural Photography

  • Real Estate Photography

  • Estate Agency Photography

  • Property Photography

  • Airbnb Photography

  • Apartment Photography​​

  • Home Photography

  • Letting Agent Photography

  • Private Landlord Photography

  • House Photography

  • Interior Design Photography

You can see more of my work on Instagram and also on my YouTube channel there are several videos.

How to prepare for the photoshoot?

It is important that some preparation is done before the appointment. A clean and tidy property will go towards getting the best results possible and maximising your investment!


Clean worktops and no dirty dishes in the sink are essentials! If possible try to declutter as much as possible: small appliances/cups and mugs/spices/utensils/fridge magnets etc!


As clean and tidy as possible with any blinds or curtains opened to maximise the natural light. Try to arrange the furniture, cushions etc to look as inviting as possible and remember to turn the TV off!


Again, try to make the rooms look tidy and decluttered. All beds should be made and again, any blinds or curtains fully opened.


A clean, uncluttered bathroom has the most appeal. Try to remove unnecessary toiletries and cosmetics, open the shower curtain and put the loo seat down!

Outside space

Where possible, try to move any cars from the front of the property as this will help with kerb appeal. In the back garden, try to have the lawn mowed and any unsightly weeds removed.

Preparation and room staging

I will move or rearrange light furniture or advise you on items to remove from the shot in order to capture the full potential of each room.

Feature focus

Every property has points of interest such as that feature fireplace or those original period hallway tiles. I will identify those key selling points will try to perfectly display them.

Capturing natural light

If you’ve attempted to take photos of the rooms yourself you will already know that getting them to look as bright as they actually are is quite a challenge. Experience and professional grade equipment will make each room look bright and inviting!

Maximising your space

Another challenge in DIY photography is how to make the rooms look as big as they are. By using the right lens and picking the best angles your professional property photography expert will maximise the dimensions of even the smallest of spaces!

Post production editing

In this age of filters and digital editing it should be no surprise to you that many of the best looking property photos have undergone some kind of tweaking. Professionals will use the latest software programmes, along with their eye for details and expertise to enhance your photos.

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