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About us

About me

Professional photographer in Bucharest
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My Passions:

Photography -every day all day!

Coffee-coffee time for me is 24/7  

Car Detailing-weird one, I know

Music-the more the better

Hi I am Edy a professional photographer, based in Bucharest.

Although I have a degree in film making and communications, all my life I have worked as an entrepreneur in completely different fields.


A few years ago I started a media agency trough witch we create content, manage PPC campaigns, analyze data in the Google Search Console & Google Analytics, SEO and marketing consulting for small and medium-sized businesses.

In 2018 I founded one of the most successful car detailing workshops in Tel-Aviv.  

In 2020 everything turned upside down and I had to go through a back surgery, since then I had to stop working in my detailing workshop.

After a few months of recovery I decided to turn my true passion (Photography & Videography) into a real profession, in my other businesses I remain just as a silent partner and since than I live and breath this world of photography 24/7 365 days all year round .

It turned to be a way off living not only a way of income! 

Feel free to check out all my services!! 

Also please check out my Instagram page and YouTube channel. 

Remember to keep smiling and have a good one! 

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