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Night Photography
Workshop in Bucharest

1 on 1 Night photography workshop for beginner and advanced photographers.

2,5 hours workshop, during this workshop we will walk in the most beautiful and photogenic places in Bucharest by night.


No you will not become a professional night photographer after this night workshop, and if you are a professional photographer I do not intend to teach to you to photograph!! But I can guarantee you a friendly atmosphere, positive vibes, my best tricks and of course a relaxed and challenging experience.

What exactly will we learn and what exactly will we talk about?


  • Low light photography techniques

  • How to use your camera in Manual (M) mode by night

  • Long Exposures

  • Compositions 

  • Panning by night

  • Equipment needed for night photography

  • Editing in Lightroom

  • Exporting images in best quality for Social Media

Night Photography Workshop in Bucharest
Night Photography Workshop in Bucharest

How many people will be in the workshop?


This is an 1 on 1 format workshop 

You can of course come with one friend, family member or partner who can accompany you at no extra charge.

What to bring?


  • You can bring either a DSLR, SLR, Mirrorless  or a Bridge Camera. 

  • Any kind of lens between 15  and 200mm. (F2.8 or lower) 

  • Good vibes :) 

Price: 200€ 



  • I'll bring you a tripod, so you don't have to fly with your own

  • At the end of the meeting we will stop at a terrace and there I will show you my editing process in Lightroom (1 hour extra to the workshop free of pay)

  • Getting around costs at my expense

  • A summary HD video lasting 2-3 minutes and professionally edited will be sent to you a few days after the workshop.

You can save the video as a souvenir and share it on social media :)

The Minimum age to participate in the workshop is 18 or together with an accompanying adult.

Getting around:

Walking and public transportation

Night Photography Workshop in Bucharest

Meeting Point: ​

Piata Romana, Bucharest

My husband / spouse / friend would like to come along without a camera and without interrupting the course of the workshop Do he / she have to pay?

No, It’s FREE for her / him.

In What the language is the workshop ?

I speak English, Romanian, Hebrew, Hungarian and also a little bit of Spanish & Italian. 

Where do we go?

The route of the workshop is a factor of many things: weather, time and traffic.

Basically we visit the most photogenic spots of Bucharest by night.

You can see more of my work on Instagram and also on my YouTube channel there are several videos.

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