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Bucharest Engagement Photographer

Looking for a marriage proposal photo shoot in Bucharest, the capital of Austria?


First of all, congratulations!


If you have decided that you want to propose on your next trip to Bucharest, you are definitely in the right place.

I am Edy, an photographer based inBucharest, the capital of Austria, and I will provide a service of

photographing a marriage proposal in Bucharest.


I am involved in photography every day, including photographing


couples, creating content for local businesses and by giving photography courses and workshops.


My service includes professional photography and a few other small additions which I will detail later.

If you are looking for a high end photos like in a photo studio in the field and a photographer who knows how to hide in the bushes like paparazzi :)


I am here exactly for that!


 I will make sure to document the most beautiful moments without your partners even realizing what is happening.


We will arrange a day, time, location, etc.,


I will also guide you on what to do and what to wear.


At the time we set, you will arrive with your daughter or partner at the place you choose and at the right moment you will pull out the ring.


My assistant and me will photograph you with two different cameras from different angles.


If you choose to, after you propose, we will treat you to a bottle of champagne, glasses and a bouquet of roses :)

***I offer no other extras, no decorations, no confetti, no singers, etc....


Why? Because I am a photographer and I prefer to deal with what I understand and know how to do it


!My service is suitable for those looking for a solid, classic Bucharest marriage proposal with a European touch in one of the classic European capitals.

We will arrive about twenty minutes and half an hour before you at the location to place the cameras.


If you choose the package that includes champagne and roses, after you propose we will allow you to rejoice and reset for a few minutes and then we will travel together for another hour during which we will photograph you in several different locations in Bucharest.


You will receive the photos within 24-48 after professional editing.


 How many photos will you get?

25-30 photos on average

*Unedited photos are not delivered to the client


How much does it cost?


Settling in, photographing the proposal and another hour of photoshoot (90 minutes in total) 300€


Champagne + 2 glasses + bouquet of 18 roses 150€


Additional price for a 4K video including editing 125€


You can rest easy, I'll make sure you leave with no less than perfect photos!

I know every corner o fBucharest and this city has a lot of magical places, I will help you choose the perfect location!


We will do our best to document this unique moment in the best possible way so that you can remember these magical moments decades from now.


When is the best time to do it?

Summer, winter, fall or spring it doesn't matter!

We will find together where and when to do it even on Hot sunny day or on a rainy day in winter.


For more information regarding a marriage proposal in Bucharest or to order a marriage proposal photography service in Bucharest, contact me today.

Bucharest Engagement Photographer
Bucharest Engagement Photographer

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