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A day trip from Vienna to Laxenburg including a portrait photography session.

At the beginning of the week we decided to take a break from the big city and chose to head out towards beautiful Laxenburg to enjoy the amazing park and to breathe some clean air.

We chose to go on Monday to avoid traffic jams and also because we wanted the place to be empty of travelers.

Getting there is very simple, You need to get on the U1 subway next to the Opera in the city center and get off at Sudtiroler station.

From there walk about three hundred meters to the bus stop of line 210, after 14 stops get off at Franz Joseph-Platz station, Laxenburg.

From the bus station there is another ten minute walk into the park itself.

Please note, this is a very large park !!

Eat something before, bring a drink or even some snacks for a nice picnic in the park.

It's best on the way there to get help from Google Maps, where you will also find all the points of interest in the park itself.

We got there pretty late in the afternoon so we skipped a few places.

As always, I was accompanied by my house model (my fiancée) and thanks to her, I also got to shoot a portrait photography session beyond landscape photos.

I will attach all the pictures below!

Beyond all that, I also managed to shoot a new YouTube video in which I presented my most compact system for lazy people like me who do not like to carry too much equipment with them. There is also a link to the video after the pictures :)

I used my Canon R6 camera and the Canon EF85mm 1.4 lens.

For lighting I used one of my favourite flashes the Godox AD200 Pro and of course the Xpro C trigger by Godox as well.

Instead of a soft box and a tripod for lighting, I used a light diffusion dome and a folding monopod pole.

You can install the flash itself on the pole and you can hold the camera in the other hand :)

Another option is to hold the flash in your hand and install the camera on the pole which can provide great stability if you need to shoot at a low shutter speed or just to help you hold the camera more stable because your other hand will be holding the flash light.

If you get there it is important for me to tell you that the side entrances close early and you only need to exit the main exit.

(We went around for 1.5Km until we realised that 😂)

I really hope you will like the photos and the video, if so, tell me in the comments and share the post !!

If not, don't tell anyone 😂

Thank you for being here, I appreciate it as always!

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