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Neon signs in Vienna for night photography enthusiasts.

The most beautiful neon signs in Vienna for night photography enthusiasts.

I don't know how it works with you but in my case a lot of times I go out with the camera in hand without a plan in advance, I just go out to take pictures!

As long as it's not a commercial job or a couple photography session I try to be as creative as possible without limiting my subjects to a specific theme or type of photography,

I just want go out and click the shutter as much as possible :)

This time I decided to work on a special project, something for the soul as the say!

If you've been following me long enough then you probably know I'm addicted to night photography.

If there is one motif that always makes me especially happy these are the neon signs.

This time I decided to go out and photograph some of the most beautiful neon signs in Vienna, the capital city of Austria.

I didn't find a detailed list online so I thought to write this post for others who will look for some nice neon signs in Vienna in the future.

I went to some places that I knew they have

some dope neon signs and on the way I stopped wherever I came across other signs.

In my opinion in such a classic European city as Vienna the combination of Neon signs is definitely an amazing contrast that blends in superbly, a bit reminiscent of Japan but still Austria of the legendary Mozart.

I invite you to watch the series of images added bellow, I will try to describe where the exact location so you can easily find them on your next trip to Vienna.

What did I shoot with?

With a mirrorless camera (Canon R6) and with my cheapest lens I have in my "toolbox", the Canon 50mm stm f1.8 (Nifty Fifty).

After that I came back home from this session which took me three and a half hours to film it all and I edited all of the images in Lightroom as usual.

If you also want to photograph neon signs my advice is to look for the ones around which you have a better lighting, otherwise the environment will be really dark.

To shoot neon signs without burning the frame you will need to work at least on f.4.

Always be sure to look for reflections in the environment and generally try to do it on rainy nights.

If you want to shoot portraits of friends or your clients with a neon background it's really simple.

You will set the exposure to your background so that the neon sign will be well exposed and then with the help of any flash you will be able to light up your model.

Hope you liked the pictures and the idea, please let me know in the comments!

Also don't forget to show me your pictures too, you can tag me on Instagram.

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2 comentarios

12 may 2022

Awesome blog article, the photos are very beautiful!

Me gusta

Cristina Golovat
Cristina Golovat
12 may 2022

Beautiful set Edy !!!

Me gusta
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